Film, Media and Communications

Our program brings together some of Australia’s leading researchers in film, television, communication, media studies, journalism and journalism studies. The potential research topics range from the effects of digital media on globalisation to indigenous film, and new forms of journalism. We can also offer a practice-based PhD in journalism.

Within the program, candidates have the opportunity to draw on supervision expertise from across the faculty, working from a variety of theoretical perspectives.

Program content

The following Graduate Research programs are offered in Film, Media and Communications:

  • 2695 Master of Arts
  • 0020 Doctor of Philosophy
  • 4103 Doctor of Philosophy (Journalism)

Link to the Handbook entry for the Film Media and Communications HDR program

Program contacts

Program plans

In addition to completing your research degree, you will have the opportunity to develop professional skills that will enhance your research and your career prospects beyond university. Program plans relate to the coursework component of your degree:

Research areas and supervisors

* Available for associate supervision

Communications and Media Studies

Dr Paul Atkinson Dr Daniel Black
Dr Elizabeth Coleman Dr Simon Cooper
A/Prof Kevin Foster Dr Fleur Gabriel
A/Prof Mark Gibson A/Prof Gil-Soo Han
Dr David Holmes A/Prof Shane Homan
A/Prof Brett Hutchins Dr Graham Jones
Dr Tony Moore Dr Simone Murray
Prof Justin Oconnor Dr Olivia Khoo
Dr Elizabeth Paton Dr Andy Ruddock
Dr Susan Yell Dr Agnieszka Sobocinska
Dr Andrea Baker


Film and Television

Dr Therese Davis Dr Olivia Khoo
A/Prof Adrian Martin Dr Claire Perkins
Dr Belinda Smaill Dr Constantine Verevis
A/Prof Deane Williams


Journalism and Journalism Studies

A/Prof Fay Anderson A/Prof Philip Chubb
Dr Deb Anderson A/Prof Mia Lindgren
Dr Andrea Baker Dr Johan Lidberg
Dr Stephanie Brookes Prof Chris Nash


Public Relations

A/Prof Joy Chia


Trans-Asian Cultural and Media Studies

Dr Daniel Black Prof Gloria Davies
A/Prof Mark Gibson A/Prof Gil-Soo Han
A/Prof Anita Harris Dr David Holmes
Prof Koichi Iwabuchi Dr Olivia Khoo
Prof Justin Oconnor Dr Belinda Smaill
Prof Carolyn Stevens Dr John Tebbutt


Interdisciplinary Expertise in Film, Media and Communications

Available for associate supervision

Dr Ana-Maria Bliuc (Behavioural Studies) Dr Philip Anderson (French Studies)
Dr Karen Crinall (Community Welfare and Counselling) Prof Gloria Davies (Chinese Studies)
Dr Mark Davis (Sociology)
Dr Beth Edmondson (International relations) Dr Axel Fliethmann (German Studies)
A/Prof Suzanne Fraser (Women’s and Gender Studies) A/Prof Anita Harris (Sociology)
A/Prof Peter Lentini (Politics) Dr Stuart Levy (International relations)
A/Prof JaneMaree Maher (Women’s and Gender Studies) Dr Sarah McDonald (Spanish and Latin American Studies)
Prof Alan Petersen (Sociology) A/Prof Susanna Scarparo (Italian Studies)
Dr Agnieszka Sobocinska (Australian Studies) Dr Danielle Tyson (Criminology)