How to Apply

How to apply – for an Arts Research Degree.

The application process involves 8 steps.

Step 1 – Identifying a suitable research degree

You need to identify your research discipline, and find out which of our Graduate Research Programs would fit well with your research interest.

Step 2 - Checking your eligibility

To be eligible for admission, you must satisfy both academic and English language proficiency entry requirements.

Please see Course Details and Entry Requirements of each research degree.

English language requirements

Applicants will need to meet the Faculty’s English Language Proficiency requirements in one of a number of ways which are detailed here.

Step 3 - Identify a potential supervisor

Each Graduate Research program website contains lists of researchers in various areas of research, their research profile, list of publications and contact details.

At the enquiry stage a potential supervisor will need to assess your research interests and background, so that they can identify your potential research candidature.

To help assist a potential supervisor you with your enquiry, please include the following information in your email:

(Those applying for the Philosophy program are to direct their initial inquiry regarding supervision to the Program Director.)

Step 4 - Identifying a potential scholarship

Before a scholarship application is submitted, applicants must have an agreed supervisor for their project and must meet the eligibility criteria relating to scholarship selection.

Eligibility criteria

A strong academic record is required to be competitive for one of these scholarships. All research students with an (honours H1) 80% + grade degree or the equivalent GPA 80% + standard may apply for a range of research scholarships.

Selection criteria

Selection for scholarships is based on:

  • academic merit
  • research experience
  • publications relative to opportunity
  • alignment of the project with strategic priorities
  • results of the undergraduate degree may be considered by the Selection Committee, as well as publications, awards and prizes, and relevant research experience (e.g. industry-specific research experience, non-traditional research)..

* Additional criteria may apply. Please see individual scholarship schemes.

Current Scholarships Available

The closing dates for Monash Postgraduate Scholarships applications are 31st May (mid-year round) and 31st October (end-of-year round) each year. It is strongly advised that you lodge the ‘Expression and Interest’ no later than 30th April and 30th September for the mid-year and end-of-year rounds respectively.

Step 5 - Lodging an Expression of Interest

We ask that you lodge an Expression of interest form and provide relevant documentation as listed in the form. This enable us to adequately evaluate your background, academic standing and research interests.

Additional requirements for Music students:
A CD/DVD/MP3 of a piece of performance must be submitted together with the EOI, in replacement of the ‘face-to-face’ audition. The recording should be no less than 10 minutes and no more than 45 minutes, the student’s contribution should be presented right at the beginning.

You must lodge an Expression of Interest no less than four weeks prior to the date on which you expect to submit your formal application.

Please note the submission of Expression of Interest form and accompanying documentation does not constitute a formal application for a Research Degree at the Faculty of Arts.

Step 6 - Obtaining an Invitation to Apply

If you are assessed as suitable to apply for admission to the proposed research degree, and appropriate supervision and we have determined the facilities available for your research project, we will provide you with an ‘Invitation to Apply’.

We aim to provide you with an Invitation to Apply or a response to your Expression of Interest within four weeks of its receipt.

Step 7 - Submitting a formal application

After you have received an Invitation to Apply, you can then start working on an online application.

The Monash University Institute of Graduate Research (MIGR) provides an instruction on How to Apply.

Your application options are:

  • Research degree and Scholarship – if you are eligible for both.
  • Research degree only
  • Scholarship only (You will be able to choose this option only if you are a PhD or Research Master’s candidate at the time of application.)

You must upload a copy of the Invitation to Apply with your formal application; however it does not guarantee your application will be successful.

If you have any queries or problems with the application process, please contact the Arts HDR Recruitment Manager directly.

Step 8 – Accept your offer

When you receive your offer to join Monash University; you need to read your offer letter and offer pack carefully to know how to accept your offer and enrol in your course.

Your offer letter will have the information on:

  • Which Program you will be affiliated with
  • your commencement date. Please note that each Program has a preferred commencement date.
  • International students may need to pay their Overseas Student Health Cover and a course-fee deposit before the University can provide an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (ECoE), which you need for your visa application.