Publications Arising From GRiP

Each year participants are contacted for the details of any publications which they attribute directly to their time in GRiP. We provide here the collated results as of January 2014, comprising over 70 reportable publications, including nearly 50 refereed journal articles. This list is necessarily only a partial reporting of GRiP participant’s successes because follow up contact is confined to email requests via student addresses and the lag between submission and final publication can be up to two years (or more), by which time many participants have left Monash.

The list below gives the publications for 2009-2014.
See the publications list for 2005-2008


Astuti, Amelberga Vita. 2014. Reincarnation: the Orientalist Stereotypes. Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature. (Accepted October 2013).

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Pienaar Kiran. (under review). HIV/AIDS, poverty and the making of disease.

Skinner, Anthea. (forthcoming) Popular Songsters and the British Military: The Case of “The Girl I Left Behind Me”. In D. Scott, P. Spedding and P. Watt, eds, 19th Century Songsters: A Cultural History. (Accepted 2013.)


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Burns, Melanie C. (under consideration) The Forms and Functions of Taboo Language in Australian Television Drama and Comedy Programs, Communication Quarterly

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Wilson, Laura A. 2011.Perceptions of legitimacy and strategies of resistance: Melbourne illicit-drug users and Random Roadside Drug Testing’. Current Issues in Criminal Justice 23(2): 183-201


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There was a changeover in coordinator at the beginning of 2009 as a result of which it was not possible to contact previous participants, leading to a break in the records.

Non-refereed conference papers

Gugleta, Zdravka. 2011. The Image in the Poetry of Vasko Popa and Charles Simic: A Transcultural Mythopoesis.ASEEES 43rd Annual Convention, 17-20 November, Omni Shoreham, Washington, DC.

Walker, David. and Vandeloo, T. 2011. Shaping global development futures from Downunder ACFID Universities Linkage Network Conference. 12-13 December, Deakin University, Melbourne. 

Walker, David., Rogers, P. and Westhorp, G. 2011. Drawing on partnerships to build knowledge about effective development: A realist synthesis of community accountability initiatives aimed at improving educational outcomes. ACFID Universities Linkage Network Conference. 12-13 December, Deakin University, Melbourne.

Other publications – letters to editors, news articles, radio commentaries

Cosgrove, Bryony. 2010. ‘Welcome to New York City’, Verge 2010: Other Places. Monash University: Clayton.

Burns, Melanie C. Radio commentary: ‘Why We Swear’ 89.7 Eastside FM (Sydney) 2010.

Gugleta, Zdravka. 2012. Milan Orlic: Postmodernist Longing for Sense. (translation and commentary) AALITRA Review.

Noske, Catherine, 2012. ‘Limits’, Visible Ink: Fleshy Husks and Brittle Bones, 24, pp.

Wilson, Laura A. 2011. Confessions of a celebrity ‘drug addict’, Alternative Law Journal, 36 (1): 52-53.

Website articles

Burns, Melanie C. 2009. One Childhood, Multiple Languages: The Advantages of a Bilingual Upbringing, Mamizeit (website), available at

Burns, Melanie C. 2009. Becoming bilingual: How to help children learn more than one language, Mamizeit (website), available at

Note: Above information accurate as of January 2014

Publications prior to 2009 are listed here.