Graduate Research Funding for HDR students

The Faculty of Arts and Monash Institute for Graduate Research (MIGR) provide the following research funding schemes for HDR students:

Funding source

PhD allowance

Masters by Research allowance

MIGR Travel Grant

$ 1,175


Arts Faculty Travel Grant

$ 940

$ 940

Arts Faculty Top-up Travel Grant

$ 700

$ 700

Arts Research Support Allowance

$ 4,000


Total Research Support available to all students.


$ 4,815

In addition to the base funding outlined above, the Faculty of Arts recognises that there are some Exceptional Circumstances where further funding support may be required to enable HDR students to successfully complete their research project. Subject to meeting agreed criteria, an HDR student will be able to apply to the Arts Research Graduate School for additional Exceptional Circumstances funding support where:

  1. the successful completion of the HDR project is dependent upon the grant of this additional funding,
  1. this additional funding was not, and could not have been reasonably, anticipated at the time of commencement of the project,
  1. the additional funding is essential to carry out the core research activity required by the HDR project (such as the cost of fieldwork needed to collect data that was not anticipated as part of the original research proposal), and
  1. the candidate has successfully completed their Mid-Candidature Review.

Students who are eligible for the Exceptional Circumstances funding may receive a maximum amount of Research Support from all sources, during the full term of their candidature, of up to $12,000 for PhD students and up to $10,000 for Masters by Research students.


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