Geography, Environment and Sustainability Program

The Program in Geography, Environment, and Sustainability offers doctoral training that equips graduate students with strong interdisciplinary skills for innovative and collaborative research on patterns and processes of change in natural and built environments, cities, regions and global networks, landscapes and resource use.

We aim to produce scholars and professionals whose approach to teaching, research and development, and community engagement is path-breaking and transformative for sustaining cities, regions, and environments across the world. 

The Program attracts talented students diverse backgrounds in earth, environmental, and social sciences who work with some of the world’s leading researchers in fields spanning Atmospheric Sciences, Physical Geography and Environmental Geosciences, Environmental Science and Management, Geomatics, Human Geography, and Archaeology.  They involve students in cutting edge projects through national and international competitive grants and industry-funded research, and mentor students pursuing independent research projects in social and spatial change and environmental sustainability.

The GES Program provides research training that is rigorous and responsive to the demands of a highly competitive global marketplace. It combines advanced training in core interdisciplinary theoretical and methodological components with research integrity and professional skill development. The coursework is designed to ensure that doctoral students have the necessary framework for developing their analytical and methodological expertise across the disciplines relevant to their broad research areas and specific research projects.

Program content

The following degrees are offered in the Geography, Environment and Sustainability Program:

  • 2695 Master of Arts
  • 3902 Master of Environmental Science
  • 0020 Doctor of Philosophy

Link to the 2014 Handbook entry for the Geography, Environment and Sustainability HDR program

Program contacts

Program Director: A/Prof Haripriya Rangan

Program Coordinator: Dr Craig Thorburn

Program Administrator: Ms Celeste Hulse

Research areas and supervisors

Physical Geography, Climate Science, and Geographic Information Systems

Prof Jason Beringer

Dr Jennifer Catto

Dr Simon Connor *

Dr Andrew Coutts*

A/Prof David Dunkerley

Dr Ailie Gallant

Dr Sarah Harris *

Prof Arnold Peter Kershaw

Dr Margaret Loughnan *

Prof Neville Nicholls

Prof Nigel Tapper

Dr Vanessa Wong

Dr Xuan Zhu

Prof Ian Cartwright *

Dr Tom Chandler *

Prof David Griggs *

Prof Christian Jakob *

Prof Michael Reeder *

Prof Steven Siems *

Dr Wendy Wright *

Human Geography and Political Ecology

Dr Michelle Duffy

A/Prof Christian Kull

Prof Kevin O’Connor *

Dr Libby Porter*

A/Prof Haripriya Rangan

Dr Elissa Sutherland *

Dr Adeline Tay *

Dr Craig Thorburn

Dr Sally Weller *

A/Prof Dharmalingam Arunachalam *

Prof Greg Barton *

Dr Ana-Maria Bliuc *

A/Prof John Bradley *

A/Prof Joy Chia *

Dr Andrew Cock *

Dr Beth Edmondson *

Prof Erik Eklund *

A/Prof  Seamus O’Hanlon *

Assoc Prof Anita Harris *

Dr Ernest Healy *

Dr Max Richter

Dr Mark Symmons *

Prof Alan Petersen *

Sustainability, Environment, and Society

Prof Rebekah Brown

Dr Fjalar de Haan

Dr Megan Farrelly

Dr Ruth Lane

Dr Bruce Missingham

Dr Peter Morison

Dr Wendy Stubbs

Dr Vicki Peel *

Prof Ana Deletic *

Prof Jo Lindsay *

Dr Sharron Pfueller *

Prof Tony Wong *

 * Available for associate supervision