Global History Teaching Modules

For the purposes of this collaboration, we have broadly divided the field of Global History into the following units:

Part A: The Theory of Global History

Theme 1: What is Global History
Giorgio Riello, Adam Clulow and Anne Gerritsen

Part B: The Practice of Global History –
Nodes of Encounter and Exchange

Theme 2: Oceans
Adam Clulow

Theme 3: Cities
Seamus O’Hanlon

Theme 4: Empire
Giorgio Riello

Part C: The Practice of Global History –
Modes of Encounter and Exchange

Theme 5: Trade and commodities (Movement of goods)
Giorgio Riello

Theme 6: Technology, science, religion, ideology (Movement of ideas)
Carolyn James and Adam Clulow

Theme 7: Diaspora, migration, travel (Movement of people)
Anne Gerritsen

Theme 8: Ecology, environment, disease (Movement of biota and microbes)
David Garrioch and Susie Protschky

With thanks to Anne Holloway and Fiona Viney, who made an invaluable contribution to each of these 8 modules.