Monash-Warwick Global History Collaboration

  • The GLOBAL HISTORY READER is an online project launched by Adam Clulow at Monash and Giorgio Riello at Warwick University and bringing together researchers at the  School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies at Monash and Warwick University’s Global History and Culture Centre.  The goal of the collaboration was to develop a comprehensive set of resources for students and teachers of Global History. 

    Global History Annotated Bibliography

    NanbanCarrackA list of readings that covers the broad expanse of the field.   Readings are divided broadly according to theme.  The annotated bibliography is intended as a resources for students but it is not comprehensive. Rather it represents a snapshot of the field.

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    Global History Reader

    800px-Europe_Mediterranean_Catalan_AtlasThe Global History Reader was developed by staff at Monash and Warwick to provide a set of 20 readings capable of introducing students to key debates, issues and approaches in the field.

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    Global History Teaching Modules

    Bichitr - Jahangir preferring a sufi sheikh to kings PDThese stand-alone teaching modules, each roughly 4 weeks long, consist of self-contained packages of lecture notes, primary and secondary sources, images and external links.  They can provide a comprehensive introduction for new Global History courses, and can be combined in various ways.

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    Early Modern Diplomacy

    Reception-of-the-envoys-from-KandyA particular focus of this collaboration was the nature and practice of early modern diplomacy.

    Diplomacy Resources