Global Connections and Violence

The Global Connections and Violence (GCV) Focus Program is an interdisciplinary initiative designed to bring together researchers, both faculty and postgraduate, from Monash, Yale, and other institutions. It aims to advance collaborative research on networks of free and unfree movement; circuits of trade, diplomacy, and violence; and contested spaces and territories. While a process broadly labelled as globalization opened up new possibilities for contact and communication from from the early modern period, it also created contradictory and contested spaces and circuits. The GCV Focus program is concerned both with armed conflict and violence, but also with the difficult spaces opened up by global connections and with the effects on individuals and groups caught up in burgeoning networks of free and unfree movement. By understanding the complex effects of global movement and statis, the project’s researchers aim to address their challenging legacies.





Photographs © Bart Michiels, from The Course of History (Damiani, 2013). Used with permission. All rights reserved.