• Interested in the Earth as home to humans, in how biophysical processes affect landscapes and climate, in how people develop their urban and rural environments, in how we organise our economies, societies, and resource use across space? Then come study with us!

    We offer diverse elective units (full list of our units here) as well as comprehensive minor or major areas of study in the BA, BSc, and BEnvSc programs. A large number of our units involve field trips, taking students on short excursions in Victoria or on longer trips to outback Australia, South Africa, or Italy.

    To major or minor in Geography and Environmental Science, you can choose from following areas of study:

    BA areas of study:

    BSc major and minor areas of study:


  • The information session for the 2015 field trip will take place Friday 15th August at 2pm-3pm in E457 Menzies. The unit,”Field Studies in Regional Sustainability: South Africa” (ATS3553 / APG4553),  aims to sharpen the analytical abilities of students between levels 3 and 5 who wish to pursue careers in environmental policy, urban and regional planning, and international Read more
  • Emma Peppler is a barrister specialized in local government, environment, and planning.  She graduated with an Arts-Law dual degree, including a major in Geography and Environmental Science, around 2005.  Emma was admitted to the Bar in 2010.  She has also worked as a solicitor and community legal education project manager at the Environment Defenders Office (a Read more
  • Dru Marsh, an environmental lawyer, graduated from the Geography and Environmental Science BSc Honours program in 2000.  His thesis was entitled “Landscape evolution in northeast Thailand:  Reconciling conflicting models of cover-layer evolution on the Khorat Plateau”.  He then got a Monash Law degree as well as a PhD at University College Dublin, and is now Read more
  • Raymun Ghumman, a geography major, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in 2005.  She is now a medical doctor.  We recently caught up with her: What attracted you to major in Geography and Environmental Science? I did geography in school and was keen to continue studying it at university. After my first year I realised Read more
  • Sarah Brennan graduated with an undergraduate major in Geography and Environmental Science a few years back.  She has been working in urban planning and community development projects, both in Australia and South Africa, ever since.   We recently caught up with her:  What attracted you to major in geography and environmental science? When I began a Bachelor of Read more
  • Earlier this year, the School held its annual Awards Night at the Royal Society of Victoria.  The keynote speech was given by Dr. Merna McKenzie.  Celebrations followed at the Coopers Inn.  The 2013 prize winners, for their achievements during the 2012 academic year, were: 2013 First Year Academic Excellence Award 1st  Prize – Josephine DeCosta 2nd Prize – Read more
  • Units offered in Human Geography Read more
  • GES Assignment Cover Sheet (doc)  Essay Writing Guide Read more
  • First Year Howard Brown Prize:  Mr Chuan Yeap Academic Excellence Prizes:  Ms Amanda Cohen and Ms Jasmine Thom Second Year Jim Peterson Prize: Mrs Erika Duncan-Horner Academic Excellence Prizes: Mr Adam Hourigan and Mr Gian Chakravorty Third Year Chris Maher Prize: Ms Sylvia Tawfik Academic Excellence Prizes: Ms Emma Palmer and Mr William Candish Honours J.S. Duncan Prize: Ms Caitlin Moore Other Best Environmental Essay Howard Brown Prizes: Mr Stephen Stewart Best PG internship project of the Read more
  • First Year Howard Brown Prize:  Ms Nicola Dunn Academic Excellence Prizes:  Ms Stephanie Schlipper and Mr Matthew Bell Second Year Jim Peterson Prize: Ms Tiffany Harrison Academic Excellence Prizes: Ms Sylvia Tawfik and Ms Jennifer Morris Third Year Chris Maher Prize: Ms Tricia Watts Academic Excellence Prizes: Ms Lucy Farrar, Ms Emma White and Mr Christopher Varney Honours J.S. Duncan Prize: Mr Stephen Balharrie Other Best Environmental Essay Howard Brown Prizes: Mr John Downie and Read more