PhD scholarship available: social practices around disposal of portable household electronics

PhD scholarship:  Wealth from Waste CSIRO research cluster; Geography, Environment and Sustainability Program, Faculty of Arts, Monash University, Clayton Campus, Melbourne

AUD$25392 per year

The PhD project is positioned within the Wealth from Waste CSIRO research cluster project, an interdisciplinary multi-university research program that explores the feasibility of advanced metals recycling in Australia. The Monash led component of Wealth from Waste focuses on characterising and mapping the potential resource of recyclable materials that are distributed in domestic residences and commercial buildings in Australian cities. The PhD project will investigate social practices surrounding the management and disposal of portable household electronics. It will provide in-depth understanding of how household electronics are managed within the home, including but not limited to mobile phones, and provide insights into how and why householders respond to existing collection schemes and their likely response to any new approaches to collection of household electronics for recycling. The primary supervisor will be Dr Ruth Lane, a human geographer with expertise in waste and recycling. Co-supervisor Dr Xuan Zhu, who has expertise in GIS mapping, will provide guidance in aspects of study design to maximise the capacity for generalisation at larger spatial scales. Funding is provided for fieldwork in Melbourne, Sydney and a regional urban centre. See 

To apply: Send the following documentation as email attachments by 30 November 2013 to Celeste Hulse:  (put “Wealth from Waste” in the subject line):

  • – a covering letter outlining relevant training and experience
  • – CV
  • – Academic transcripts

Contact for further information: Dr Ruth Lane, Ph: +61 3 9905 2937

International applicants should note that the scholarship does not cover international student tuition fees. However, for outstanding applicants there is opportunity to apply for additional tuition fee scholarships. Interested applicants are strongly advised to refer to the link for more information. Candidates will be required to meet Monash entry requirements which may include English language skills.  

Closing date: 30 November 2013