• The Honours program in the School of Geography and Environmental Science is open to students who wish to pursue a research project and who have the requisite results in their third year undergraduate studies, either at Monash University or elsewhere.

    We support Honours students in the BA, BSc, and BEnvSc programs, and provisions can be made for joint Honours programs (e.g. Geography / Earth Sciences; Geography / History; Geography / Law etc.).

    Students normally enrol in first semester (late February) and present their thesis for examination at the end of semester two (October). However, it is possible to start mid-year and present a thesis a year later. It is also possible to do Honours on a part-time basis.

    It is strongly recommended that students intending to do Honours investigate possible thesis topics and supervisors in their third year, so they can have a well-formulated thesis topic by the start of the program (and even get a head start on fieldwork).

    Who to Contact

    Honours Coordinator

    A/Prof David Dunkerley
    P: (03) 990 52914 
    School of Geography & Environmental Science
    Room W809B
    Building 11, Clayton Campus

    More Information

  • Congratulations to our scientists Vanessa Wong and Ailie Gallant – together with former honours student Sophie Lewis – for a flurry of recent contributions to The Conversation, one of Australia’s leading independent news sources.  Ailie’s four part series on confidence and certainty in climate science comes in advance of next month’s anticipated release of the ... Read more
  • Emma Peppler is a barrister specialized in local government, environment, and planning.  She graduated with an Arts-Law dual degree, including a major in Geography and Environmental Science, around 2005.  Emma was admitted to the Bar in 2010.  She has also worked as a solicitor and community legal education project manager at the Environment Defenders Office (a ... Read more
  • Dru Marsh, an environmental lawyer, graduated from the Geography and Environmental Science BSc Honours program in 2000.  His thesis was entitled “Landscape evolution in northeast Thailand:  Reconciling conflicting models of cover-layer evolution on the Khorat Plateau”.  He then got a Monash Law degree as well as a PhD at University College Dublin, and is now ... Read more
  • A range of research facilities and resources are available in the School of Geography and Environmental Science.  They are used by staff, post-docs, research assistants, and by those students doing research for Honours, Masters or PhD degrees. Some are also utilised for undergraduate teaching. Laboratories The pollen analysis laboratories include a ‘wet lab’ for extracting pollen and ... Read more
  • Scholarships A variety of scholarships are available, from the University, the Faculties, and the School. Contact your Faculty for more information on central scholarships.  The School of Geography and Environmental Science is currently revising its in-house Honours scholarship policy.  Watch this space! Departmental Facilities Available to Honours Students A variety of facilities are available to you as an ... Read more
  • The thesis and assessment The ATS4778 / ATS4779 thesis is worth 50% of the overall assessment. This is done on a specialised topic in Geography and Environmental Science supervised by one or more staff members. The other 50% of the assessment is split between two course-work units, each equivalent to 12 points. The first is the compulsory first semester unit, ATS4776 – Seminar ... Read more