Penguin flies in water at Melbourne Aquarium

GES joins the Conversation on climate and soils

Penguin flies in water at Melbourne Aquarium

Congratulations to our scientists Vanessa Wong and Ailie Gallant – together with former honours student Sophie Lewis – for a flurry of recent contributions to The Conversation, one of Australia’s leading independent news sources.  Ailie’s four part series on confidence and certainty in climate science comes in advance of next month’s anticipated release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (the IPCC) fifth major assessment report.  Vanessa, for her part, makes an urgent plea for attention to the soils that underlie our continent and its productive agriculture.  Her article is part of a series on ‘More Sustainable Australia’ for the 2013 election campaign coverage. 

Vanessa is lecturer in soil and land management, and Ailie lecturer in climate science.  Ailie’s partner for her four articles is Sophie Lewis (née Bretheron), who graduated from GES around 2006.  For her first class Honours, she analysed a 230,000 year pollen record from Lynch’s Crater, Australian Wet Tropics.  Vanessa’s co-author is Robert Edis of the University of Melbourne.  The five articles are as follows: 

We need to talk about our soils

Penguins can’t fly and humans are causing climate change: how scientists build theories

150 years and counting: confidence in climate science

In science, the only certainty is uncertainty

Lost in translation: confidence and certainty in climate science