Careers in Geography

Students studying geography and environmental science find their ways to a large diversity of careers, ranging from the public sector (state government environmental or planning departments, town councils), private sector (GIS or environmental consulting), non-governmental organizations (international development, environmental activism), to research and teaching. Browse our recent graduate profiles below to get a sense of individual trajectories, and keep an eye out for posts about job or internship opportunities.


  • ClimateWorks Australia is looking for volunteer, part-time interns for this summer, from all academic backgrounds.  You need awareness of climate issues, policy, and organisations in Australia.  See attached pdf.  ClimateWorks is at 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, co-sponsored by Monash University and the Myers Foundation.   Read more
  • Ian Fenton is a recent graduate of the MIDEA program (now incorporated into the Master of Sustainability) and has been working in Sofala Province, Mozambique with Allan Schwarz, founder of the Mezembite Forest Centre since February 2013. Since joining Mezembite, Ian has worked on agroforestry projects and is currently responsible for restoring and managing oil production Read more
  • Emma Peppler is a barrister specialized in local government, environment, and planning.  She graduated with an Arts-Law dual degree, including a major in Geography and Environmental Science, around 2005.  Emma was admitted to the Bar in 2010.  She has also worked as a solicitor and community legal education project manager at the Environment Defenders Office (a Read more
  • Dru Marsh, an environmental lawyer, graduated from the Geography and Environmental Science BSc Honours program in 2000.  His thesis was entitled “Landscape evolution in northeast Thailand:  Reconciling conflicting models of cover-layer evolution on the Khorat Plateau”.  He then got a Monash Law degree as well as a PhD at University College Dublin, and is now Read more
  • Raymun Ghumman, a geography major, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in 2005.  She is now a medical doctor.  We recently caught up with her: What attracted you to major in Geography and Environmental Science? I did geography in school and was keen to continue studying it at university. After my first year I realised Read more
  • Sarah Brennan graduated with an undergraduate major in Geography and Environmental Science a few years back.  She has been working in urban planning and community development projects, both in Australia and South Africa, ever since.   We recently caught up with her:  What attracted you to major in geography and environmental science? When I began a Bachelor of Read more
  • Pheakkdey ‘KD’ Nguon graduated from our MIDEA program (now part of the Masters of Sustainability) in 2009. He is currently a Doctoral Candidate at the Graduate School of Geography, Clark University, Massachusetts, USA.  The main objective of his doctoral research is to better understand how governance systems organize and distribute knowledge about the UN’s REDD+ program Read more
  • Exciting opportunities are available currently for Monash Arts students to gain some valuable work-experience with the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure . The projects include journey-to-work analyses, snapshots of indigenous communities in transportation corridors, regional economic profiles, and a Bendigo integrated land use study. Please submit an updated resume along with a cover letter Read more
  •   Joshphar ‘Jasper’ Kunapo graduated in 2007 with a Ph.D. from Monash’s School of Geography and Environmental Studies.  Upon finishing his studies, he set up a consultancy in geographic information systems (GIS), called Grace Detailed-GIS Services.  One of the things that he does is help coastal communities model the risk of flooding.  You can see two Read more
  • Byron Pakula  graduated from our MIDEA program (now part of the Masters of Sustainability) in 2005.  He is currently based in Jordan as Country Director for ACTED (a French NGO) to help with the Syrian refugee crisis.   He recently worked on food security in South Sudan.  Before that, he spent two years in Kyrgyzstan working Read more
  • Employers expect university graduates to have acquired skills that equip them with a range of both general and specialist skills. Read more
  • The career paths that are available to graduates are determined to some extent by your choice of which study area you choose. View the extensive list of career opportunities in the various study areas. Read more
  • There is no straightforward answer to this question, although with the competition for jobs being fairly intense there is little doubt that people with higher qualifications will have the edge in many cases. Read more