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  • The School of Geography and Environmental Science is recognised around the world as the leading geography program in Australia. Since its inception 50 years ago, the School has produced some of Australia’s leading researchers and policy makers in climate and environmental change, land and water management, urban and regional economic development, and political ecology and international development. The staff and students of the School are engaged in teaching, research, analysis and actions that promote sustainable use and management of natural resources, landscapes and built environments across Australia and the world.

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  • How will Australia’s unique species of plants and animals react to the greenhouse-enhanced climates of the future? Students at Monash University’s School of Geography and Environmental Science have been answering this question using the powerful mapping and prediction functions freely available in the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA). Dr Simon Connor introduced a new practical ... Read more
  • Thursday 19 June, 4pm. Clayton campus, building 11 room 561 (Elizabeth Burchill Room). Sally Weller, ARC Future Fellow, School of Geography and Environmental Science Abstract: Urban studies often celebrate the role of special events in constructing entrepreneurial cities of consumption. Events are promoted because economic gains accrue to cities by bringing consumers into city precincts. This literature tends to ... Read more
  • William Leon Dale worked in the Monash Department of Geography (as it was then called) from 1964 to until his retirement in 1982.  Prior to coming to Monash he studied the climate of Malaya, including a well-cited 1956 article on “wind and drift currents in the South China Sea”.  He joined Monash as a Senior ... Read more

  • Student Placement Opportunity: Green purchasing: Policy and procedures June – July 2014 1. PLACEMENT INFORMATION MEFL is an independent not-for-profit organisation established by the Moreland City council in 1999 to work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the municipality and beyond. MEFL works closely with the Moreland community offering a range of services and programs to ensure a sustainable ... Read more
  • The rapid expansion of China’s efforts in underwater archaeology have caught the attention of Science magazine.  A recent article chronicles this expansion and the interesting historical events it seeks to document (such as the 15th century voyage of Zheng He as far as Africa in a 250-ship armada).  It also addresses the geopolitical context of this work.  GES Adjunct Senior Research Fellow ... Read more
  • Our next Seminar on the City will be brought to us by Dr Clare Corbould, author of Becoming African Americans: Black Public Life in Harlem, 1919-1939 (Harvard Univ Press, 2009), Beyond Blackface (UNC Press, 2011), and Remembering the Revolution: History, Memory, and Nation Making from Independence to the Civil War (co- edited, Univ Mass Press, 2013). ... Read more
  • Congratulations to GES staff member Christian Kull and his collaborator Bill McConnell of Michigan State for their letter published in Science magazine last week.  Their piece points out that while conservation efforts on the biodiverse island of Madagascar are highly warranted, these efforts are often justified with misconceived and problematic statistics about the extent of deforestation.  In particular, ... Read more
  • Congratulations Bruce, who was ranked the 4th best lecturer at Monash University in 2013 as part of the competition for the Unijobs Lecturer of the Year Award.  Created in 2007, the award was initially designed as a way to award and commend the efforts of university teaching staff that have gone above and beyond in their efforts ... Read more
  • GES staff member Dr. Sally Weller, an ARC Future Fellow, has published a piece in the online news venue The Conversation analysing the recent job cuts at Qantas.  Her essay (read it here) is a rich consideration of the effects of the job cuts in a very specialised industry, and builds on her previous research analysing ... Read more
  • Announcing an exciting new series of seminars and discussions designed to share, stretch and challenge our thinking about cities and urbanisation!  It is the result of a genuine cross-Faculty initiative to stimulate discussion of all things urban.  The seminar takes place once a month through the whole year, with a fantastic line-up of speakers (see ... Read more
  • Welcome first year students to Extreme Earth!  All students interested in geography and the environment should sign up for the first semester introductory unit (ATS1310).  It investigates natural hazards and human vulnerability.  The unit, which will interest students from both social and natural science perspectives, is taught by Associate Professor Christian Kull, Dr. Adeline Tay, and colleagues. Read More... Read more
  • Congratulations to Vanessa Wong, who was recently promoted to Senior Lecturer.  Vanessa joined GES in 2011 and currently teaches in ATS1301: Australian Physical Environments, ATS2774: Understanding Australian Landscapes – soil-vegetation dynamics, ATS3788: Soils, landscapes and their management, and ATS3787: Research methods in geography and environmental science. Her research focuses on land management and the interactions between ... Read more
  • GES academics have recently successfully landed a number of research grants, from both the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).  These include funding to explore sustainable urban redevelopment, environmental change in northern Australia’s savannas, and the social aspects of advanced metals recycling.  In detail:   Dr Libby Porter and Dr ... Read more