Policy on Cheating and Plagiarism

Cheating involves any and all deliberate and intentional actions aimed at ‘seeking to obtain an unfair advantage’. This relates to all undergraduate, honours and postgraduate coursework units and in all assessment tasks including official exams (the latter are officially administered by the University’s Examinations Branch).

The University regards cheating in its various forms as a serious offence, and formal procedures are in place to deal with students found to be cheating. These procedures have been defined by the Arts Faculty, of which SGES is a member. The procedures relate to unintentional and intentional plagiarism and other forms of cheating, and SGES students can clarify this with their unit coordinator, SGES Undergraduate Coordinator, or the relevant Arts Faculty Officer (e.g. the representative of the Dean of Teaching). Cases of unintentional plagiarism may require resubmission of work; intentional plagiarism involves the disallowance of submitted work and/or the imposition of a range of more serious penalties. The latter may first involve notification to Faculty and/or University officers (as outlined in Part II of Statute 4.1 of the Statutes of the University (detailed in the Monash University Calendar).

Definitions of cheating (and plagiarism, which involves the lack of adequate acknowledgement to the source of other people’s ideas) are stated in Student Resource Guides and the University Handbooks. For university policy governing ‘cheating’ and ‘plagiarism’, as well as hints for avoiding unintentional plagiarism, see:

For advice on how to correctly cite and reference your sources, see:

All written work assessed by SGES must be accompanied by the official ‘Essay Cover Sheet ‘. Along with the other details, this must include the student’s signature and the date of submission of the work. Copies of the ‘Essay Cover Sheet’ are available under “Student Resources”.

Unless elsewhere stated in unit outlines/handbooks, the statements contained above (and in the materials referred to herein) constitute the SGES Policy on Cheating and Plagiarism.