• The Honours program in the School of Geography and Environmental Science is open to students who wish to pursue a research project and who have the requisite results in their third year undergraduate studies, either at Monash University or elsewhere.

    We support Honours students in the BA, BSc, and BEnvSc programs, and provisions can be made for joint Honours programs (e.g. Geography / Earth Sciences; Geography / History; Geography / Law etc.).

    Students normally enrol in first semester (late February) and present their thesis for examination at the end of semester two (October). However, it is possible to start mid-year and present a thesis a year later. It is also possible to do Honours on a part-time basis.

    It is strongly recommended that students intending to do Honours investigate possible thesis topics and supervisors in their third year, so they can have a well-formulated thesis topic by the start of the program (and even get a head start on fieldwork).

    Who to Contact

    Honours Coordinator 2012

    Dr. Stephen Legg
    Room S221, Building 11
    Phone: (03) 990 52916

    More Information

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