About the honours thesis


The thesis and assessment

The ATS4778 / ATS4779 thesis is worth 50% of the overall assessment. This is done on a specialised topic in Geography and Environmental Science supervised by one or more staff members.

The other 50% of the assessment is split between two course-work units, each equivalent to 12 points.

  • The first is the compulsory first semester unit, ATS4776 – Seminar in Geography. This is the only unit where all the Honours students come together to discuss their research topics and the broader issues surrounding the research process and thesis writing.
  • The second is an individually chosen ATS4889 – Directed Studies in Geography unit. Normally, this would be a third year subject chosen for its particular relevance. Alternative arrangements can be made with permission of the Honours coordinator.

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Choosing a thesis topic

A key challenge for Honours students is determining the thesis topic. Sometimes, potential supervisors have specific on-going projects into which they can slot Honours students; others expect student to develop their own, independent projects.

  • The key is to investigate possibilities with different staff members as far ahead of time as possible.
  • Specific Honours project openings may be posted on the School of Geography and Environmental Science website or determined in consultation with specific staff members in your area of interest.
  • You might also browse through a list of past thesis topics to see the range and scope of typical Honours theses.

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