Key Research and Graduate Research Areas in German Studies

The research strengths of this program are represented below. We welcome applications from prospective PhD and MA students wishing to conduct research on or related to the following key areas.

Aesthetics (Franz-Josef DeitersAxel Fliethmann)
Authorship, Theory and History (Franz-Josef DeitersChristiane Weller)
Contemporary German Literature (Christiane Weller)
Discourse Analysis (Heinz Kreutz)
European Novel (particularly 19th century) (Axel Fliethmann)
German Literature from the 18th Century to the Present (Franz-Josef Deiters)
German as a Foreign Language (Heinz Kreutz)
Intellectuals, Theory and History (Franz-Josef Deiters)
Literary Theory (Franz-Josef DeitersAxel Fliethmann)
Media Theory (Axel Fliethmann)
Mediology of Theatre (Franz-Josef Deiters)
Narratives of Work (Franz-Josef DeitersChristiane Weller)
Psychoanalytic Theory (Christiane Weller)
Renaissance (Axel Fliethmann)
Romanticism (Franz-Josef Deiters)
Rhetoric of Posters (Franz-Josef Deiters)
Second Language Pedagogy (Heinz Kreutz)
Sociolinguistics (Heinz Kreutz)
Theory and History of Drama and Theatre (Franz-Josef Deiters)
Translation of Metaphor (Heinz Kreutz)
Travel and Colonial Literature (Christiane Weller)
Visual Culture (Axel Fliethmann)
World War I in the German Imaginary (Christiane Weller)

Please note that LLCL academics frequently co-supervise MA and PhD projects located in programs other than their own. If you intend to work on a project that straddles this and another discipline, we will organize the necessary complement of research expertise to meet your supervision needs.