Research Recruitment: Have You Experienced Adolescent Family Violence?

If you’ve experienced adolescent family violence, please consider sharing your experiences via the Monash University anonymous online survey.

 Adolescent family violence (AFV) describes violence by young people against parent/carers or other family members. To date, there is limited research examining AFV, and few tailored responses and programs. It is a complex form of family violence that is poorly understood in the community and is surrounded by stigma and shame.

Monash University researchers are conducting a research project that aims to address this knowledge gap by exploring attitudes towards, patterns of, and impact of AFV. This project aims to increase public awareness of AFV, build support for families experiencing adolescent violence and specialised support services for adolescents, and to contribute to evidence for reforms. 

If you’ve experienced AFV,  your contribution could greatly assist in improving our understanding of this complex problem.

All of your contributions and your participation is completely anonymous. No identifying details will be included in any material published from this project.

Click to enter survey: explanatory statement and consents are included.

This project has Monash University ethics approval. Download Information about Support Services here. The survey will be closing on 31 August 2017. 

If you would like to discuss this project, please feel free to contact Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon or Professor JaneMaree Maher