Prof McCulloch at the Monash Residential Services White Ribbon Dinner

Professor Jude McCulloch (Monash Gender & Family Violence Program) spoke at the ​​July 28, 2017 MRS White Ribbon Dinner on the topic of family violence, its causes, the progress made to combat it and the role all young adults can play in influencing a better future. This annual event aims to inspire positive social change by inviting Monash students living on campus to engage in a dialogue about issues of gender, respect and violence against women. The event is complemented by other White Ribbon events and activities held in halls during the week of July 24-30, all of which complement the University’s Respect. Now. Always campaign. Jude spoke about the history and causes of violence against women, and intimate partner violence in particular as the most common type of violence against women. While acknowledging the continued high individual and social costs of family violence, including intimate partner homicides, Jude also spoke about the progress that had been made on this issue over previous decades and how everybody, especially young people, can contribute to making a violence free future a reality. One hundred and forty students attended and ​raised over $1,100. All of those who attended have been followed up and encouraged them to keep the conversation going.