Intimate partner violence, risk and security: Securing women’s lives in a global world

Securing women’s lives in a global world

Monash Prato

19-20 September

This roundtable brought together scholars working on Intimate Partner Homicide across four continents was convened by the Monash Gender and Family Program at Monash University. The workshop forms part of the ARC DP project Securing women’s lives. Led by Professor Jude McCulloch, Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Professor Sandra Walklate and Professor JaneMaree Maher, the workshop will result in a Routledge Edited Collection provisionally titled Intimate Partner Violence, Risk and Security: Securing Women’s Lives in a Global World (eds. Fitz-Gibbon, Walklate, McCulloch & Maher). The volume is set for publication in March 2018.

Jude McCulloch at the Roundtable

This Edited Collection will present a range of contributions that contest the constructions of risk and understandings of security in responses to IPV. Contemporary constructions of risk and security tend to accept or tolerate IPV.

In bringing together a range of international experts, the book will challenge the status quo understandings of risk and question how we can redefine and relocate the risk of IPV, and particularly the risk of IPH, as a critical site of national security and safety. It brings together contributions from a range of disciplines and international jurisdictions to encourage a rethinking of how risk is assigned and responded to in the context of IPV. It is recognised that the extent to which risk is tolerated or otherwise is not solely or primarily linked to empirical evidence (Mythen 2014).

Roundtable participants

As Dake (1992: 33) argues, shared world-views ‘provide powerful cultural lenses, magnifying one danger, obscuring another threat, selecting others for minimal attention or even disregard’. Perceptions of risk are partial and gendered (Walklate and Mythen 2014).



Securing women’s lives in a global world Roundtable report