Gender and Family Violence Honours student work on women killed in Australia featured in national art show

Emily Dang (Sociology), recipient of the Gender and Family Violence Honours
Walking in the Woods Emily Dang

Scholarship (sponsored by the Faculty of Arts Focus Program Initiative) has been selected as one of 35 Arts graduates from around the country to be featured in the prestigious Hatched 2017 Artists series. Emily completed her project (detailed below) in the Faculty of Art and Design in 2016.  Emily’s work, Walking in the Woods, interrogates the everyday experiences of violence of Australian women. 
In 2017, Emily is investigating the family violence experiences of Vietnamese Australian women. 
“Walking in the Woods (2017) reflects on the true sources of violence against Australian women and questions the narratives in place that may hide such realities. Sound bites from contemporary Australian news sources, media, ‘viral’ videos, stock sounds and Dang’s own recorded material have been combined to present living realities for Australian women in highly uncomfortable ways. These sound collages explore and question the narratives around women and walking, attitudes of male entitlement, and the violence of sexist ‘humour’. They ultimately reaffirm the resilience and strength of the women who navigate such violence every day. The diagram consists of a timeline, based off the work of the Counting Dead Women researchers of Destroy the Joint. It contains a handwritten list of all the known Australian women who have been killed due to violence, from 2014 to the present day. The majority of these cases are cases of family violence.”