ARC DP17 ‘Securing women’s lives’ awarded to Monash team

Securing women’s lives: Preventing intimate partner homicide
Jude McCulloch, Sandra Walklate (Monash & Liverpool), Kate Fitz-Gibbon, JaneMaree Maher


The project aims to develop a framework for a new systematic preventive approach to intimate partner homicide. Intimate partner violence is the most common type of violence against women worldwide and the leading cause of death amongst Australian women aged between 15 and 44. The project intends to review a decade of intimate partner homicides in Australia to identify potential points of intervention that might have provided opportunities to prevent such killings. This new knowledge is intended to inform and assist in developing a more risk sensitive preventive approach to intimate partner homicides in Australia and overseas, enhancing women’s security and preventing their deaths.


The project aspires to enhance women’s security and address the significant health, social and economic costs linked to intimate partner violence, particularly homicides. It aims to create new knowledge about the circumstances and patterns of behavior that typically form the background to intimate partner homicides. The project intends to develop innovative and effective preventive policies and approaches targeted at better understanding and reducing the risk of intimate partner homicides.

Project team: Jude McCulloch, Kate Fitz-Gibbon, JaneMaree Maher,  Sandra Walklate.