Units at other institutions

Complementary study

Through complementary study you can study units at another Australian university as part of your Monash Arts course.

You can do this if the unit is not offered by the Faculty of Arts at Monash in a particular semester and your course structure permits.

As an honours student you can complete a maximum of 12 points at another tertiary institution.

Remember you will need to apply to both Monash Arts and the other institution, so don’t leave your application to the last minute.

Complementary study information is available here:

How to apply?

Approval and enrolment

Change your enrolment

Results for complementary study


How to apply

You must apply to Monash Arts for complementary study and must also apply to study at the other tertiary institution. In most cases you will need to apply to them for cross institutional study, but terms may vary between institutions.

Apply to Monash Arts for complementary study

If you want to take Complementary Studies at another tertiary institution you must:

1) Complete an complementary study and Honours Applications

Download complementary application from Monash student forms

For Honours application details, see how to apply

2) Gain approval from Honours coordinator

Discuss your intended honours program and unit selection with your school area of study coordinator.

See Honours Coordinators

3) Submit complementary study and Honours Applications

See Monash application closing dates

See Arts Student Services

Apply at the other Australian institution

You must also contact the institution that offers the units you propose to study and complete any appropriate application and enrolment processes they require.

If you are applying for a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) at the other institution they will require confirmation of your student status. You can get this letter from Monash Student Services for a fee. See Monash student letters

Check with the other institution before applying. Deadlines at different institutions vary enormously.

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Notification of approval and enrolment

Make sure we have your current postal address, you will be advised of the outcome of your application in writing. Note, you are able to change your address details via the Web Enrolment System (WES).

If your application is approved, you will be advised to enrol in the complementary unit in person at your home campus by the Friday of the second week of the semester in which the unit is to be taught.

Complementary study units in Arts will be recorded on your academic transcript with ACL codes (i.e. ACL4000) and cannot be enrolled in via WES.

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Change your complementary studies enrolment

Due to changes in your study plan or changes to unit offerings at Monash or the other institution you may need to change or discontinue your enrolment after you have enrolled.


It is important that you remember that standard census dates apply to a complementary study unit.

If you are discontinuing your complementary studies completely you must do so at both Monash and the other institution to avoid fees and fail grades. You will need to discontinue your Monash ACL unit in person at a faculty office. See Arts Student Services

Change your enrolment

You must submit a new complementary study application to change units at another institution. This means you will also need to gain approval for the replacement unit from your honours coordinator before you submit your application the the Faculty of Arts.

Please make a note on the form that this is a replacement unit. You will need to meet any deadlines that the other University advertises as well as standard variation to enrolment deadlines with Monash (i.e. end of second week of semester). See KeyDates.

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Results for complementary study

Successfully completed complementary study units will show a result of SFR (‘Satisfied Faculty Requirements’) on your Monash transcript.

To have an SFR returned on your Monash transcript you must supply us with an original (or certified) copy of your results from the other institution. Print-outs of online results will not be accepted. You will need to officially request a transcript from the other institution if it is not automatically supplied.

Please send the transcript to the Arts Student Services Office on your home campus. Make sure you include a cover letter that indicates your student ID number and that the results are for complementary study unit so we know what to do with them.

If you don’t supply us with the results a fail will be recorded against your units.

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