Honours Study Load (Candidature) Information

When planning your Honours program please keep in mind the work balance of each semester. A normal semester load is 24 points (full-time).

You should discuss the structure of your course with the Honours Coordinator in the relevant School or area of study.

Full-time Candidature

Students studying full-time are expected to complete the 48 points of the single or combined Honours course in one year.

Full-time students commencing Honours are not permitted to undertake Honours over three semesters.

Part-time Candidature

Students carrying large responsibilities in the form of work or family, or other burdens beyond their control, may apply to enrol as part-time candidates. Students undertaking more than sixteen hours of paid employment per week are strongly advised to enrol part-time.

Students enrolled on a part-time basis are expected to complete their single or combined Honours course in two consecutive years.

The studies required should be divided more or less equally between the years of candidature, with the thesis being undertaken in the second year, and normally completed within two consecutive semesters.

Double Degree Students

Students in a double degree program may be permitted to enrol part-time in Honours concurrently with studies in the other course. However, this requires an Application to the Faculty Honours Committee and must be accompanied by written support from the Honours Coordinator of your School.

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