HistoryHistory is not simply about dates and facts. It is about ways we can make sense of the past.

Without history, we can’t understand the world we live in today. History tells us where we came from, who we are and where we might be going in the future. Also, quite simply, history is one of the most exciting disciplines to study at university as you get the opportunity to explore many different aspects of the human experience – across multiple societies and civilisations around the globe.

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Student testimonials

“I did an Arts degree at Monash majoring in English and History. I had a ball at uni and really came into my own academically. I had two wonderful lecturers – Bill Kent and Peter Howard – who imparted their love of Renaissance history to me. In my final week of honours I did work experience at Channel Ten. I walked into the news room- which was noisy, with people shouting and televisions and radios on – and fell in love.” (Courtesy of The Age 25/6/2012)

- Kate McGrath, history graduate, current Chief of Staff at Channel Nine News


“I started my Bachelor of Arts at Monash in 2002. After initially taking a number of excellent history classes on subjects already familiar to me, I branched out to ask questions about history that I have never been able to let go of. I stayed on at Monash to do an honours thesis in the history department.”

- Maria John, current PhD student at Columbia University


“For anyone who is considering doing an honours year, I strongly encourage it. The stimulating and dynamic discussion encouraged in your honours subjects will take your understanding of history to another level. This one year has given me a self-confidence that was lacking before; it has given me research skills that aid in all disciplines.”

- Emma Gleadhill, honours graduate

Exciting career prospects

The high level of analytical, rhetorical and research skills acquired by studying History can lead to wonderful career prospects here and overseas. Our graduates have entered careers in the following fields:

  • media and communications
  • foreign affairs
  • museum curatorship
  • teaching.

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