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German studies at Monash offers a world-class program that allows you to track your progression against international benchmarks, ensuring you receive an education that is universally relevant and universally transferable.

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A Key Language in Europe and Beyond

German is the mother tongue of 110 million people, making it the most widely spoken first language in Europe. In addition, German is (after English) the most important international language in Europe.

Learning German gives access to a rich cultural history and prolific contemporary cultural production, including areas such as literature, philosophy, music and the visual arts. Germany remains at the forefront of contemporary science, engineering, and medical research. German comes first in the world (before English) as a target language of translations from other languages.


In recent years the number of students taking German studies at Monash has been growing significantly, making the Monash German Program number one in Victoria.

The high level of cultural and linguistic competence acquired by studying German can lead to exciting career prospects in Australia and abroad. Our graduates have entered careers in the following fields:

  • business, banking, insurance and marketing
  • communications and media
  • public service
  • diplomacy and trade
  • interpreting and translation
  • travel, tourism and hospitality
  • research and academia (with additional qualifications)
  • teaching (with additional qualifications).

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