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FrenchFrench studies at Monash offers a world-class program that now allows you to track your progression against international benchmarks. You will be taught be internationally recognised researchers covering a wide range of areas within French studies, ensuring you receive an education of the highest quality that is universally relevant.

French studies has three entry points, allowing any student from the beginner to the proficient speaker to study it.

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A Key Language Throughout the World

French is spoken in 42 countries over 5 continents. It is the second most important diplomatic, political, commercial, legal and scientific world language after English.

It is one of the five official languages of the United Nations and is used by important international bodies such as the World Health Organisation, UNESCO, the OECD, the International Red Cross and the International Court of Justice. France is a major power with the fifth largest economy in the world and strong trade links with Australia. French is, behind English, the most important language on the African continent, with key strategic importance in the 21st century.

France remains at the forefront of contemporary philosophy, visual arts, literature, cinema, science, engineering and medical research.


The high level of cultural and linguistic competence acquired by studying French will prepare you for exciting career prospects both in Australia and abroad.

Our graduates have entered careers in the following fields:

  • business, banking, insurance and marketing
  • import/export, food and wine
  • travel, tourism and hospitality
  • communications and media
  • public service, diplomacy and trade
  • international non-government organisations
  • interpreting/translating
  • teaching (with an extra qualification)
  • research and academia (with an extra qualification).

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