Film and screen studies

Film-and-Television-StudiesLearn from the largest team of film and screen experts of any Australian university. You will focus on Australian cinema and TV, giving you as a graduate, a distinct advantage in the national audiovisual sphere. You will also explore the film and television cultures of Asia, the US and Europe – from Hollywood to alternative film and video, to documentary film, popular TV and video practice.

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Why study Film and Screen at Monash?

In this increasingly global and digital age, almost everybody knows something about movies and television programs. This teaching program helps you extend and enhance everyday ways of thinking about film and screen into more sophisticated approaches. Develop the means to critique the moving image in its existing and emerging forms. Explore new screen technologies. Discover the fledgling film industries of lesser nations. Learn a variety of historical, critical and theoretical methods of film and screen analysis – such as aesthetic, historical and spectator-based approaches, culturally based interpretations, as well as theories of class, gender and race.

Student testimonial

“I chose film and screen studies as an elective in first year and loved it so much that I quickly changed my major. Throughout my undergraduate years, I was given the opportunity to study film and television series that I would not have seen otherwise whilst also developing skills for sophisticated critical thinking that I have continued to use.”

- Whitney Monaghan, current honours student

Exciting career prospects

Film and screen studies are directly connected to media industries. These are industries propelled by ideas, and expressed and transmitted in audiovisual terms. Explore careers in film and television production; criticism and reviewing; film distribution and marketing; film exhibition; television networks; film and screen archives; film festivals.

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