Double Degrees

What is a double degree?

A double degree means studying two degrees simultaneously, usually from different faculties. With close to 40 double degrees on offer, Monash Arts has one of the largest selections in Australia.

Most double degrees with Arts take 4 years to complete if studying full time. Given that a single degree takes 3 years, completing two degrees in 4 years instead of 6 is an attractive option to many students.

A key benefit of studying a double degree is that it can increase your employment options because it broadens your knowledge and skills in different areas.

Arts degrees can be taken with degrees from law, business, science, social work, visual arts, music, education and engineering.

How double degrees work

In a single degree you have the option of taking 8 elective units from another faculty. In a double degree these are forfeited which means you can complete the course in less time than it would take to do the two degrees separately.

In most double degrees, the total number of credit points to be earned is 192. The total number of units (subjects) to be completed is 32, which is 8 per year if studying full time.

Part time students have up to 10 years to complete double degrees.

Some Arts double degrees, such as those with engineering and law, take over 5 years to complete and include additional credit points. 

Arts components

It is compulsory to structure your Arts degree with a major, minor, sequence, and four additional arts units.

Major: 8 units (48 points) taken over 3 years. This is the area of study you choose to specialise in.

Minor: 4 units (24 points) taken from an area of study that is different from your major.

Additional arts units: 4 units (24 points) from any area(s) of study.

Non-arts components

The non-arts component of a double degree varies between faculties and courses, but typically involves a combination of compulsory units and a major specialisation.

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