CriminologyBe inspired by the cutting edge, award-winning research in criminology at Monash. This important and exciting area of study is delivered by a team of internationally recognised academics, and provides you with critical perspectives on issues of crime, justice, security and risk. The sophisticated skills and knowledge you’ll acquire from studying criminology at Monash will open up careers in a variety of sectors at local and international levels.

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What is Criminology?

Crime and justice are issues that concern all individuals, communities and institutions.

Criminology addresses how we construct crime, its possible causes and how society should respond. Explore a broad range of topics including policing, punishment, gender, race and ethnicity, victimisations and barriers to accessing justice within local and international contexts. Investigate various perspectives and methodological approaches, and develop a sound basis for independent, critical thinking about some of society’s most pressing issues.

Student testimonial

“I have thoroughly enjoyed studying criminology at Monash and the opportunities it has provided me to study an area I find fascinating in both Australia and at Monash Prato. Doing criminology as a major has been both challenging and enlightening. It has allowed me to develop a greater insight into the functioning of our criminal justice system and the people that interact with it.”

- Emily Cohen, current honours student

Exciting career prospects

Criminology graduates possess in-depth knowledge and broad skills that enable them to enter a number of professions within and beyond criminal justice.

Many of our criminology graduates have continued onto a range of areas of employment in government and non-government organisations, and within the private sector. In the criminal justice field, graduates have been employed in diverse roles within the police, corrections, Department of Justice, Attorney General’s department, human and social services, legal centres and community and human rights organisations.

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