Behavioural studies

Behavioural-StudiesBehavioural studies explores human behaviour from social, cultural and psychological perspectives. We employ theory and hands-on research to answer important questions around why human behave the way they do and to explore the societal issues that arise as a consequence. As a graduate, you’ll walk away with skills and insights that complement employment in a wide range of careers as well as preparing you for further studies in psychology, social work, education, health science and counselling. At Monash, behavioural studies students are taught and mentored by world leading researchers in their respective fields.

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What is Behavioural Studies?

Behavioural studies is focused on understanding why humans do what they do and what they think.

It provides key insights into personal motivations, social and environmental influences, behaviour change, biological/physiological drives, conscious and unconscious attitudes, quantitative and qualitative research methods, and how to apply social psychological principles to important societal problems.

We explore a variety of engaging topics such as, identity development, applied social and health psychology, personality, terrorism, multiculturalism, alcohol and drug use, criminal behaviour, quality of life, social identity, social media, the Internet and social psychology.

The discipline draws on historical and emerging insights from psychological, biological and cultural explanations of human behaviour and complements the field of psychology more broadly.


“Having completed my bachelor’s degree in behavioural studies and communications, I must say that it was a challenging and thought-provoking journey. I truly appreciate that my course is focused on free and independent learning and thinking, which really allowed me to develop a sincere interest in topics that were being covered. Thinking back, I have been fortunate enough to have some of the best lecturers and tutors, which in my opinion have cemented a deep love for what I learned over the past three years. Sometimes students take many of the services provided for granted, I know I did. However, I am very grateful for all the things that go on behind the scenes, like the counsellors, the support teams and HR, as they are always ready to help and act selflessly. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

- Dinesh Asudo Punjabi, recent graduate

Exciting career prospects

Our graduates have developed insight into their own behaviour and motivations and those of others, making them socially savvy and interpersonally effective employees. They have entered a wide variety of careers in sectors such as:

  • defense
  • education
  • behavioural research
  • business management
  • media and communications
  • human resource management
  • advertising, sales and marketing
  • psychology or health, social work and human services
  • policy (in business, government and non-government organisations).

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