Bachelor of Arts

Monash Arts students learn about the diverse world in which we live. They are encouraged to think about cultural, linguistic and geographical difference, to ask how and why these variations have occurred over time. Arts students think about how communications works, how people make themselves understood to others, and how they make themselves understood to others, and how they make meaning through artistic expression. Arts students at Monash have the flexibility to follow these questions through, developing skills that help them find answers to the question of why we are the way we are.

To do this, they need to think laterally and creatively. Arts students are active researchers, seeking out a variety of resources in order to answer their own questions. Arts students are expert communicators, developing skills in speech and writing that enable the communication of ideas. Arts students are critical thinkers, always resisting the easy answer.

Arts students are interested in what it means to be human, and how this changes over time.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, graduates in the Bachelor of Arts will be able to:

  • critically analyse, apply and communicate an advanced level of understanding of the content, methods of investigation and theoretical framework that constitute the knowledge base of at least one discipline, and utilise the research skills gained from exposure to several disciplines,
  • demonstrate the critical ability to analyse truth claims and evidence, and utilise training and judgement to adapt skills and knowledge in different contexts,
  • engage responsibly in scholarship or professional practice cooperatively with others, demonstrating a capacity to accommodate the world view of others and achieve agreed outcomes through the use of highly developed oral and written communication skills,
  • devise time management practices to manage competing demands, engage in professional development and demonstrate a commitment to life-long learning,
  • utilise the knowledge base and methodologies of the disciplines studied in order to find innovative solutions and provide authoritative advice, in a range of contexts and in manner appropriate to the audience.

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