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Australian-studiesAvailable as a minor only.

What does it mean to be Australian in the 21st century? How does Australia fit into its region and the world? Hows does its past affect the present? And where will we go from here? Drawing on the latest knowledge, Australia in the World features varied content, taught in an innovative way. Take advantage of field trip opportunities and gain hands-on experience, enriching your understanding of Australia in a regional and global context.

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What is Australia in the World?

We step outside traditional disciplinary boundaries and allow you to follow your interests, developing in-depth knowledge in areas that are important and relevant today. You’ll probe key questions in Australian society, asking how Australia relates to Asia and the wider world during a time of globalisation, how Australia’s wartime heritage shapes the nation today, how the popular cultures of sport and travel connect Australians to domestic and international economies and politics, and how the natural environment has shaped what it means to be an Australian today.


Our students share their experience and recommendations:

“Australian in the World has provided a foundation for my studies across politics, history and the law. Australia in the World in interdisciplinary, bringing together key historical, political and economic concepts and providing insights of both historical and contemporary relevance.”

- Michael Smyth, Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws


“Through my classes at the National Centre for Australian Studies (NCAS), I travelled to part of Australia far and wide. I met new people from all over the world, learned about different issues facing Australia and the region, developing a more global awareness. I have since been awarded a Fullbright Scholarship, lived and worked around the world, and am currently a University of Oxford graduate student. I credit a lot of this to my time in Melbourne, studying with NCAS.”

- Daniel Drucker, Study abroad student (University of Miami)


“This program examines a range of viewpoints so classes and discussions are varied and interesting. I would recommend it to any student looking to expand their learning beyond the traditional perspective.”

- Christian Dougherty, Bachelor of Journalism

Enhance your career

Apply your in-depth understanding of Australian society, institutions and history to a wide range of careers.

Whether you want to be a diplomat or a lawyer, a journalist or a teacher – or choose from a number of careers in the public and private sectors – you will benefit from the viewpoints and insights covered in Australia in the World. In addition, units help you build skills in critical analysis and independent research, which you will draw upon to understand contemporary developments during your professional life.

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