Ancient cultures

Archaeology,-Ancient-History-and-ClassicsMonash integrates the areas of Archaeology, Ancient History and Classics to offer you a comprehensive approach to Ancient Cultures on a global scale. Our highly qualified staff members bring extensive experience in teaching and research, and actively participate in archaeological fieldwork.

The Ancient Cultures program focuses on Australia, Greece and Rome.

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What is Ancient Cultures?

Ancient Cultures focuses on Indigenous Australian studies and the ancient Mediterranean world.

Examine historical texts, literature and material records (such as ancient sites, monuments, art and objects) to understand how people lived, how their culture developed and what their beliefs were. Gain knowledge of the cultures of the first Australians, and how their past has been preserved – invaluable to our nation’s enduring heritage. Learn to appreciate how the Mediterranean served as the birthplace of many influential ancient cultures (Egypt, Iraq, Greece and Italy) that still fascinate the modern audience. Interestingly, become familiar with how these cultures have contributed to the intellectual development of our Western world, and what are the results of their remarkable achievements.

Exciting career prospects

As a graduate, you’ll benefit from ancient world knowledge in linguistics, history and archaeology. This opens doors to rewarding careers both in Australia and abroad in:

  • archaeology
  • museums and galleries
  • academia
  • the tourism industry
  • foreign affairs and trade
  • public service
  • heritage management
  • Indigenous affairs.

Opportunities to study overseas

If you choose to pursue Ancient Cultures at Monash, you’ll get the exciting opportunity to study overseas at our Prato Centre in Italy.

There, you’ll benefit from being up close and personal with ancient Italy, examining Etruscan and Roman culture.


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