School-wide units

The School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics expects students majoring in a language to take (at least) one school-wide elective as part of their major sequence. The school-wide electives are listed below. Some programs may consider some of these options of particular relevance and will advise students accordingly.

Second and third year options available as school-wide units:

ATS2381 /ATS3381 Global Change and Changing Identities in Asia
ATS2384 /ATS3384 Women in Asia : Gender, Tradition and Modernity
ATS3747 Theory and Research in Asian Studies
ATS2627 /ATS3627 Global Cultures, Local Traditions: Creating and Consuming (Popular) Culture
ATS2622 /ATS3622 Production, Consumerism and the Environment in the Contemporary World
ATS2405 /ATS3405 Introduction to Critical Theory
ATS3816 The Social Context of Language Learning
ATS2678 /ATS3678 Language and Identity
ATS2671 /ATS3671 Managing Intercultural Communication

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