Research Areas in French Studies

The research strengths of this program are represented below. We welcome applications from prospective PhD and MA students wishing to conduct research on or related to the following key areas.

Dr Philip Anderson works on areas in modern and contemporary French culture, including contemporary poetry (Francis Ponge and “autography”, Louis Brauquier and colonial culture), French film (film noir, the work of Robert Guédiguian); cultural patrimony of contemporary Marseille; the noir novel (Jean-Patrick Manchette) and translation (in the field of psychoanalysis).

Dr Benjamin Andréo works on twentieth century French literature and cinema. After a book on the notion of the sacred in André Breton and Antonin Artaud’s writings, he is currently looking at Jean Cocteau’s exploration of poetry through genres and media.

Dr Natalie Doyle has researched French social and political thought, classical and contemporary, with particular reference to interpretations of modernity. She is also interested in contemporary French society and politics, and their place in broader European trends, including a new research project on the question of Islam in contemporary European political debates.

Patrick Durel’s primary research interest is the learning / teaching of French as a foreign language, specifically processes linked to written composition (cognitive, metacognitive and strategies). He is currently working on a project which seeks to monitor the impact of grammar checker usage on learners’ awareness of questions related to morpho-syntactic accuracy.

Dr Nadine Normand-Marconnet is currently conducting and participating in research projects in Applied Linguistics. Her work is mainly focused on language policy, intercultural competence, and second language acquisition.

Dr Christopher Watkin’s research interests lie in contemporary French philosophy and literature. His recent publications include Difficult Atheism, a monograph study of contemporary French unbelief, and From Plato to Postmodernism, telling the story of Western culture from its origins to the present day.

Please note that LCL academics frequently co-supervise MA and PhD projects located in programs other than their own.

If you intend to work on a project that straddles this and another discipline, we will organize the necessary complement of research expertise to meet your supervision needs.