French Studies Enrolment Information

First Year Entry Levels and Entry Level Tests

The French studies program has three entry points, each comprising a first and second semester unit. These entry points correspond to three levels of competence in the French language, ranging from Introductory to Proficient.

Information on entry points to French Studies…

To ensure that they are placed in the most appropriate level in the light of their individual profile and the best outcome they can expect to achieve, all students, except beginners, are required to undertake entry level testing prior to enrolment and the start of first semester.

Students should determine their enrolment procedure for French Studies as follows:

  • Students who have not previously studied French at all may immediately enrol without approval in ATS1061 French Studies 1 (semester 1) and ATS1062 French Studies 2 (semester 2). These students will be contacted in February by the unit coordinator with further information.
  • All other students will take the online Monash French entry level test. Upon completion of the test, student will receive an email indicating which unit to enrol in.
  • After you receive the email, enrol in the unit which has been advised.


How to enrol in Intermediate levels ATS2063 / ATS2064

How to enrol in Proficient levels ATS2065 / ATS2066