To be or not to be… asking questions of performance as research

The Performance Research Unit presented its inaugural symposium and masterclass on performance as research. The two day event had a specific focus on how questions are asked within, and of, performance as an integral part of the research process.

The symposium brought academic and professional practitioners together through performance presentations and discussion panels. It also presented an opportunity for honours and postgraduate students to present and discuss their own work. Questions covered included:

  • What is being asked of/within Performance as Research?
  • Where does practice sit with/as methodology?
  • By what criteria do we gauge practice-based research as successful?
  • What are we asking of whom, in the production, reception and dissemination of PaR?
  • How best can critical feedback be framed and a critical discourse developed with and for PaR?
  • Where in the performance process is (your) research located? How does the research process intersect with the performance process?


3-4 December 2009


Performing Arts Precinct, Monash University, Clayton Campus


Invited speakers

  • Dr Jane Griffiths (DTS, Monash Clayton)
  • Danielle Wilde (Art and Design, Monash Caulfield / Materials Science and Engineering, CSIRO)
  • Margaret Cameron (VU)
  • Dawn Albinger (Edith Cowan)
  • Geraldine Cook (Theatre Department, School of Performing Arts, VCAM, University of Melbourne)