time.transcendence.performance brought together artists, designers and thinkers who work with time to explore how they might inform each other. How do performers think time? How do thinkers perform time? What shared or different understandings are at work in the different practices?

Even before Aristotle wrote that time is the number of motion with respect to before and after, and Heraclitus observed that it was impossible to step into the same river twice, philosophers (both Eastern and Western) have wondered about time. Is it real or just an abstraction? Is it reversible? Does it pass? Do we experience it directly? Is it relative or constant? Does it exist? So far, the consensus is that we do not have satisfactory answers to these questions.


1-3 October 2009


Monash University, Caulfield campus


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Keynote speakers

  • Professor Alphonso Lingis (Emeritus, Penn State University, US)
  • Professor Anthony J Steinbock (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, US)
  • Professor Brian Massumi (Université de Montreal, Canada)
  • Assistant Professor Lanei Rodemeyer (Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, US)
  • Associate Professor Ian Maxwell (The University of Sydney, Australia)
  • Professor Peter Snow (Monash University, Australia)
  • Dr Erin Manning (Research Chair, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada)
  • Professor Jeff Malpas (University of Tasmania)
  • Dr Jack Reynolds (Latrobe University)

Invited speakers

  • Mr Adam Lippmann (Arts and Social Sciences, UTS)
  • Associate Professor Adrian Martin (Film and TV, Monash University)
  • Mr Alan Sondheim (School of Visual Arts, New York City)
  • Dr Alex Selenitsch (Architecture Building and Planning, University of Melbourne)
  • Dr Allan Cameron (Australian Film Television and Radio School)
  • Professor Alphonso Lingis (Emeritus Philosophy, Pennsylvania State University)
  • Ms Amanda Yates (Design, Massey University, New Zealand)
  • Ms Ana Wojak (Independent Artist)
  • Mr Andrew Newman (Sydney College of the Arts)
  • Ms Anna White (Art and Design, Monash University)
  • Dr Anthony Steinbock (Philosophy Southern, Illinois University)
  • Dr Barry Laing (Performance Studies, Victoria University)
  • Ms Becca Wood (Auckland University of Technology/Unitec School of Performing and Screen Arts, Auckland)
  • Professor Brian Massumi (Communication University of Montreal)
  • Dr Bruce Mowson
  • Cassandra Barnett (Film Television and Media Studies, University of Auckland)
  • Catherine Magill (Independent Artist, Cathie Clelland Drama, Australian National University)
  • Dale Gorfinkel (Independent Artist)
  • Daniel Armstrong (Communication and Creative Arts, Deakin University)
  • Daniel Black (Communications, Monash University)
  • Daniel Johnston (Cultural Studies, Macquarie University)
  • Daniel Mishori (Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University Israel)
  • Daniel Vuillermin (Biography Institute, Australian National University)
  • Danielle Wilde (Art and Design, Monash University)
  • Ms Debra Batton (Independent Artist)
  • Dorita Hannah (Creative Arts, Massey University, New Zealand)
  • Dr Eduardo De La Fuente (Communications, Monash University)
  • Eduardo Lopes (Music University of Evora, Portugal)
  • Dr Eiichi Tosaki (Art and Design, Monash University)
  • Erin Manning (Fine Arts Concordia, University Montreal, Canada)
  • Gabriele Knueppel (Architecture and Design, RMIT)
  • Gemma Loving-Hutchins (Design, Massey University, New Zealand)
  • Gordon Monro (Art and Design, Monash University)
  • Gretchen Riordan (Sydney College of the Arts)
  • Gretel Taylor (Performance Studies, Victoria University)
  • Heather Middleton (Sociology, Macquarie University)
  • Helen Duley (Faculty of Art and Design, Monash University)
  • Hellen Sky (Architecture and Design, RMIT)
  • Ian Maxwell (Performance Studies, University of Sydney)
  • Ina Centaur (Second Life Shakespeare Company)
  • Inarra Saarinan (Ballet Pixelle)
  • Jack Reynolds (Philosophy, Latrobe)
  • Jake Carter (Art and Design, Monash University)
  • Dr Jane Montgomery Griffiths (Theatre and Performance, Monash University)
  • Janet McGaw (Architecture Building and Planning, University of Melbourne)
  • Jeff Malpas (Philosophy University of Tasmania)
  • Johanna Petsche (Studies in Religion The University of Sydney)
  • John Di Stefano (Fine Arts, Massey University, New Zealand)
  • John Lechte (Sociology, Macquarie University)
  • John Sadar and Gyungju Chyon (Little Wonder Design)
  • Jonathon Carter (English and Cultural Studies, University of Melbourne)
  • Jude Walton (Performance Studies, Victoria University)
  • Julia Vassilieva (Film and Television, Monash University)
  • Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy (Theatre and Performance, Monash University)
  • Kate Church (Architecture and Design, RMIT)
  • Kath Bicknell (Performance Studies, University of Sydney)
  • Lanei Rodemeyer (Philosophy Duquesne University)
  • Lisa Benson (Waikato Institute of Technology)
  • Dr Lydia Amir (Philosophy The College of Management, Tel-Aviv, Israel)
  • Madeleine Flynn (Independent Artist)
  • Tim Humphrey (Independent Artist)
  • Majed Hamed Aladaylah (AL-Balqa’, Applied University Jordan)
  • Margaret Mayhew (Australian Community Centre for Diabetes Victoria University)
  • Margie Medlin (Critical Path)
  • Mark Eliott (Sydney College of the Arts)
  • Ms Maryanne Coutts (Art and Design, Monash University)
  • Meeray Ghaly (Independent Artist)
  • Michael Fowler (Architecture and Design, RMIT)
  • Michelle Mantsio (Centre for Ideas, Victorian College of the Arts)
  • Mick Earls (German Studies, Monash University)
  • Millicent Vladiv-Glover (CLCS, Monash University)
  • Mike Baker (Independent Artist)
  • Monika Tichacek (Independent Artist)
  • Movement (Research Melbourne)
  • Neil Adams (VCA Music, University of Melbourne)
  • Nicholas Hope (Performance Studies, University of Sydney)
  • Nikki Heywood (Independent Artist)
  • Pauline Manley (Dance Studies, Macquarie University)
  • Peta Tait (Theatre and Drama, Latrobe University)
  • Peter Fraser (Independent Artist)
  • Petra Gemeinboeck (College of Fine Arts, UNSW)
  • Robert Lumsden (Independent Scholar)
  • Mr Rodney Forbes (Art and Design, Monash University)
  • Dr Ruth Skilbeck (Australian Centre for Independent Journalism UTS)
  • Sandra Parker (VCA University of Melbourne)
  • Ms Sarah Curtis (Art and Design, Monash University)
  • Second Front
  • Dr Simon Sellars (CLCS, Monash University)
  • Ms Simone Schmidt (Art and Design, Monash University)
  • Siobhan Murphy (Dance, Auckland University of Technology)
  • Sue Healey (Independent Artist)
  • Stelarc (Performance Art, Brunel University)
  • Steven Jones (Independent Artist)
  • Ms Suzanne Brown (Art and Design, Monash University)
  • Dr Thomas Ford (Social Aesthetics, Monash University)
  • Tom Lee (Writing and Society, UWS)
  • Vaneeesa Blaylock (Independent Artist)
  • Dr Vince Dziekan (Art and Design, Monash University)
  • Dr William Peterson (Theatre and Performance, Monash University)
  • Yuji Sone (Media Music Cultural Studies, Macquarie University)
  • Zdravka Gugleta (Slavic Studies, Monash University)
  • Zoe Alderton (Department of Studies, Religion University of Sydney)

Conference Proceedings

Author Title of paper .pdf file size
Introduction to time transcendence performance 53 kb
Dr Neil Adams Dancing the Past in the Present 97 kb
Dr Lydia B. Amir Humor and Time 160 kb
Cassandra Barnett Art out of step, art out of time: a Simondonian aesthetics 6.2 MB
Kath Bicknell The Feel of Five Minutes 5.8 MB
Dr Daniel Black Making Faces 106 kb
Kate Church Embracing imminent disappearance : landscape, event, performance 152 kb
Dr. Maryanne Coutts Now: Memory, Drawing, and the Present Moment 2.7 MB
Dr Sarah Curtis Was it Messianic time? : Aesthetic intervention and apocalyptic violence in Terri Bird’s Recycling Fictions of Being 2 MB
Dr Vince Dziekan Transactions between Time and Space 119 kb
Mick Earls Strange Machine: Technology and Temporality in Descartes’ Discourse on Method 438 kb
Dr. Petra Gemeinboeck Negotiating the In-Between: When Machine-Agents become Co-Performers 1.9 MB
Nicholas Hope Viewing the Self: The Actor’s experience of Suspended Animation 623 kb
Daniel Johnston Phenomenology, Time and Performance 115 kb
John Lechte Immediacy and the image 160 kb
Tom Lee Thinking Through Experiences: from Agamben to Whitehead with Sebald 98 kb
Eduardo Lopes Time, Rhythm, and Meter in music: The Gravitational Concept 135 kb
Robert Lumsden Immediacy and the Impossible Poetic 193 kb
Dr. Margaret Mayhew Marking Time; examining life drawing as methexis 57 kb
Janet McGaw Performative spatial practices in the urban realm: a ‘tactic’ for transcendence 131 kb
Bruce Mowson An Immanent Field: Sound, Art, Existence and Research 344 kb
Simone Schmidt Duration and Anri Sala’s Time After Time 188 kb
Dr. Alex Selenitsch Still Moving 127 kb
Dr Ruth Skilbeck Through the ‘I’s’ of Lost Time: Proust’s Performative Fugue of Temps Perdu 913 kb
Dr Yuji Sone Cyclic repetition and transferred temporalities: Video installation as performative matrix 2.6 MB
Gretel Taylor The omnipresence of time in place in Australian site-based performance 913 kb
Eiichi Tosaki Rhythm as Composition: Looking for a Common Ground 160 kb
Daniel Vuillermin ‘Mr Johnson is a man of a most dreadful appearance’: Boswellian Manipulations of Time and the Portraiture of Sir Joshua Reynolds. 1.6 MB
Becca Wood Making sense of no body 37 kb
Amanda Yates Site Constructions: Performing Time and Space 9.1 MB

Conference Pub Title: time.transcendence.performance: Refereed Conference Proceedings

Publication Year: 2010


Publisher: Monash University

Conference Location: Caulfield, VIC, Australia

Name of Conference: time.transcendence.performance

Conference Conveners: Jodie McNeilly (The University of Sydney/Macquarie University), Stuart Grant (Monash University), Caroline Vains (Monash University/RMIT)

Conference Publication Editor: Dr Stuart Grant

Refereeing Statement: All full articles published in these online proceedings have been peer reviewed as per DIISR requirements


  • Jodie McNeilly (The University of Sydney/Macquarie University)
  • Dr Stuart Grant (Monash University)
  • Caroline Vains (Monash University/RMIT)


  • School of English Communications and Performance Studies (ECPS), Monash University
  • Social Aesthetics research unit, Monash University
  • Centre for Performance Research, Monash University
  • Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)
  • RMIT Design Research Institute
  • Dancehouse