Monash cinema experts in Seattle

Three Monash Film and Screen Studies academics presented at the SCMS (Society for Cinema and Media Studies) 2014 Seattle Conference recently, showcasing the latest research in their field.

Associate Professor Con Verevis.
Associate Professor Con Verevis.

Associate Professor Con Verevis convened a panel titled “Contemporary Issues in Cinematic Remaking.”

The panel – chaired by Sean O’Sullivan (Ohio State University) – consisted on three presenters: Frank Kelleter (Freie Universität Berlin) on “The Remake as Pop-Art: Gus Van Sant’s Psycho and the Franchise That Knew Too Much,” Kathleen Loock (Freie Universität Berlin) on “Hollywood’s Franchise Era and the Logic of Remaking,” and Associate Professor Verevis on “New Millennial Remakes.”

The panel respondent was Jennifer Forrest (Texas State University, San Marcos).

Associate Professor Verevis will continue his work on new millennial remakes – and discussions with colleagues Kelleter and Loock – during a visiting fellowship at Freie Universität Berlin in June-July of this year.

Dr Belinda Smaill delivered a paper titled “Animals, Labour and the New Documentary Cinema of the Long Take.”

Dr Belinda Smaill.

This research is a component of a larger project on animals, ecology and documentary film.

“My paper contributed to the evolving field of Environmental Film and Media Studies that was specifically represented at SCMS by a new network of scholars in the form of a  “special interest group” (of which there are many at SCMS – providing a way for scholars to meet),” Dr Smaill said.

“With more than 1500 delegates, this was a substantial conference that offered an opportunity for exposure to key debates and new work in the field(s).”

And Dr Claire Perkins organised a pre-constituted panel titled “Indie Reframed: Women and Contemporary American Independent Cinema”.

Dr Claire Perkins.
Dr Claire Perkins.

“This panel previewed research to be published in the forthcoming edited collection of the same name, co-edited by Claire with fellow panel presenters Michele Schreiber (Emory University) and Linda Badley (Middle Tennessee State University),” Dr Perkins said.

“The collection seeks to examine and promote the work and experience of female practitioners in the male-dominated indie sector, where industry and criticism alike continue to cultivate “maverick” auteurs as the face and brand of the discourse.”

Dr Perkins’s contribution to the panel examined the case of Seattle-based filmmaker Lynn Shelton, director of films including Humpday (2009), Your Sister’s Sister (2011) and Laggies (2014).

Internationally renowned indie scholars Chris Holmlund (University of Tennessee) and Yannis Tzioumakis (University of Liverpool) acted respectively as chair and respondent for the panel.