Honours studies in this area will advance students’ knowledge and competencies in the discipline of film and screen studies.

Students are required to complete 48 points of study including a thesis, a compulsory coursework unit and one elective coursework unit. Students may also be required to attend a short methodology course. The coursework units and the thesis topic are chosen in consultation with the film and screen studies honours coordinator.

Recent thesis topics have included:

Bad Men: American Masculinity and Post-Masculinity in Popular Quality Television and Online Audiences

Women Horror Filmmakers, Gendered Spectatorship and a New Wave of Filmmaking

Surf Movies: Innovation, Evolution and Nostalgia

Representations or Reality: Constructing and Deconstructing Stereotypes of Aboriginal Men in Australian Cinema

Changi(ng) History: Memory and the Experience of a Nation

Hornbags and Heroes: The Suburban Grotesque in Australian Film and Television

Searching the Soul of Neoliberalism: Postfeminism, the Pursuit of Happiness and Redeeming Ally McBeal

Investigating Women: Neurodivergence and New Femininities in Homeland and The Bridge

Narrative Form and Interactivity in the Modern Videogame

Good Witches and Bad Bitches: Maternity and Women’s Villainy in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

“Somewhere between a waitress and a mother”: Mad Men and Mothers

Teen-Machines: Teen TV and the representation, consumption and regulation of teenage sexuality

Syd’s Field Day: Industrial and Theoretical Approaches to Screenwriting

Love Our Way: The Secret Life of Spirited Women in Contemporary Television.

Storytelling in Contemporary American Cable Drama

What can you expect in coursework units?

While detailed information on current coursework units can be located within the current handbook, this is what students completed in 2014:

ATS4280 – Contemporary Film Theory

This is primarily a reading unit that will consider aspects of film theory since 1975. A major portion of the unit will be devoted to the debates around modernism and post-modernism as they relate to film studies. Other areas of investigation include: textual analysis, feminist film theory, historical poetics, historical reception studies, queer film theory, and the impact of the cultural studies and Cinema books of Gilles Deleuze. Film texts for exploration will include those from Australian, American, European and Asian cinemas. As part of their assessment, students produce entries for an Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Film Concepts. 

Here are some entries produced:

Harris, Paul. Fandom Studies

King, Lauren. Feminist Sitcom

Wham, James. Hong Kong New Wave

What our students say

“Completing an Honours degree in DSC_0263-2Film & Screen Studies has been a tremendously rewarding experience. Thanks to the dedication and proficiency of Monash’s teaching staff I have gained a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in academic writing and research. In addition to the educational benefits, my lecturers, tutors and supervisor have continuously strengthened my passion for film academia and have inspired me to pursue a career in the field of study. The coursework was both equally engaging and enlightening and the close working relationships with my Honours tutors and supervisor have been invaluable to my career.” (Jack Clarke, past student)