Getting to know … Tessa Dwyer

Dr Tessa Dwyer.
Dr Tessa Dwyer.

Dr Tess Dwyer joins the Film and Screen Studies academic team at Monash University, based at Caulfield campus.

Dr Dwyer teaches long-form television, which is a new offering in the department.

Getting to know …

Name:  Tessa Dwyer

Title: Dr

Faculty/Division: Arts/School of Media, Film and Journalism

Dept: Film and Screen Studies

Campus: Caulfield

How long have you worked at Monash?: Six weeks on the job!

Where did you work prior to starting at the University?: I worked as a lecturer at the University of Melbourne and I did some research work at Swinburne University, in the Swinburne Institute for Social Research.

What do you like best about your role? I’m teaching a really fun course on long-form television at the moment that is brand new, so I’ve been able to shape it how I wish.

I’m really enjoying teaching TV and hearing from students about a subject that they are really informed about and engaging with regularly in their everyday lives.

Why did you choose your current career path? My career path hasn’t been exactly straight, although once I decided to return to postgraduate study after a break of about five years, I really committed to it, and my current career developed from there.

Prior to commencing my PhD, I had worked in the Arts for a stint, with two years as director of the Centre for Contemporary Photography. It was under-funded, challenging and fun work, but I really missed doing in-depth research and academic writing.

First job? Dimmeys deparment stores in Richmond – a cutural institution! When I first started there, just out of school, it still had a flying fox set-up that linked to all the cash registers across the store, so cash could be shot up to a central upstairs office.

Worst job? Shift work at Media Monitors. I had to stay up all night cutting and copying news articles to deliver to slick city offices the next day! Often I had to do the delivery myself. It was unpleasant in many ways.

What research/projects are you currently working on and what does it involve? I am looking at ways in which people around the globe are engaging with screen media via networking platforms such as video sharing sties and social media.

These behaviours are starting to migrate from online spaces to more traditional venues like cinemas that, in some parts of the world (such as China and Japan), are holding special screenings where audience texting is encouraged and displayed on the cinema screen for all to view.

I am also researching the role that language and accent play in the ways that screen media travels, is consumed and produced.

What is your favourite place in the world and why? So hard to chose… but one of my local, favourite places is Mt Buffalo. I’ve been going there for family holidays since I was very little and I love it. Its incredibly beautiful with amazing, other-worldly rock formations and clean, crisp air that’s invigorating,

What is your favourite place to eat and why? I love eating and nice places to in which to do so. Japanese bars like Izakaya Den in the city are great, as are places like Supermaxi in North Fitzroy that are relaxed and welcoming.


What is the best piece of advice you have received? Dance instead of going to the gym.

Tell us something about yourself that your colleagues wouldn’t know? I’m not a bad roller-skater.