Composing for the Australian screen

A public lecture by renowned Australian composer Mary Finsterer followed by a screening of the historical drama South Solitary (2010), directed by the award-winning Shirley Barrett, starring Miranda Otto, and with music by Finsterer.

In this lecture, Finsterer will speak to the collaborative nature of composing music for film and her personal experience of working on South Solitary, a unique Australian woman’s story set in in the wake of World War 1 on a remote lighthouse island off the coast of Tasmania.

Very much ‘a women’s film’, South Solitary was produced by a team of women in key creative roles, including production, direction, script, editing, cinematography and music.

The lecture will be followed by a screening of the film and a Q and A with the composer.

Mary Finsterer is recognized as one of Australia’s most original orchestral composers.

Professor Mary Finsterer.
Professor Mary Finsterer.

Her work has won many international awards, including the prestigious Paul Lowin Orchestral Prize in 2009 for her work inspired by Jorge Luis Borges, In Praise of Darkness.

Finsterer has also composed for many electro–acoustic events and films, including composing alongside Marco Beltrami for the blockbuster movie Die Hard 4.

Mary Finsterer  is currently a Vice-Chancellor’s Professorial Fellow at Monash University.

The music for South Solitary has been released on the CD label, ABC Classics/Universal.