Keynote Address – “Blockbuster Remakes”


Constantine Verevis will present a keynote address entitled “Blockbuster Remakes” at a Conference on Bestseller and Blockbuster Culture – Books, Cinema and Television, 21-22 March 2013, Aalborg, Denmark.


Synopsis: Considering the omnipresence of the bestseller concept in everyday life, the bestseller culture seems a valid label to describe our contemporary culture. In the area of feature films, the corresponding concept is the blockbuster. The scope of the term has broadened to include the entire culture surrounding movies with a broad public appeal. The motto of Yellow Bird Films (Millennium, Wallander) is illuminating: “We turn bestsellers into blockbusters.” In television fiction, the bestseller and blockbuster culture has had its impact as well. Bestsellers are frequently adapted for television; film and TV adaptations are often the beginning of TV spin offs.