Welcome to the Film Culture and Theory Research Unit

  • Film Culture and Theory is a research hothouse exploring past and contemporary film worlds. A true internationalist, we hold a strong interest in World Cinema, documentary, Australian cinema, film aesthetics and intellectual histories. Film Culture and Theory also pursues a particular sub-focus on all things cult, bad and underground.

    From the first silent films through to YouTube, we contribute to a body of research at the vanguard of film theory, criticism, history and culture.

Latest News

  • Associate Professor Deane Williams will present (in collaboration with author-filmmaker, John Hughes), a paper entitled “No Going Back: Continuity and Change in Australian Documentary” at Laboratory of Audiovisual Investigation and Critique (LAICA), University of São Paulo, Brazil, on April 5, 2013. Synopsis: In 1952 the Australian Department of Information released the singular Mike and Stefani, written ... Read more
  • Constantine Verevis will present a keynote address entitled “Blockbuster Remakes” at a Conference on Bestseller and Blockbuster Culture – Books, Cinema and Television, 21-22 March 2013, Aalborg, Denmark.   Synopsis: Considering the omnipresence of the bestseller concept in everyday life, the bestseller culture seems a valid label to describe our contemporary culture. In the area of feature ... Read more
  • Australian Film Theory and Criticism, Vol. 1 : Critical Positions By Deane Williams and Constantine Verevis and Noel King With a preface by Patrice Petro   Synopsis: Tracing critical positions, people, and institutions across this influential period, a roster of distinguished contributors examine a multitude of books and journal articles published in Australia and distributed internationally. At the same time, they ... Read more

More News

  • Transnational Australian Cinema: Ethics in the Asian Diasporas By Olivia Khoo, Belinda Smaill and Audrey Yue   Synopsis: To date, there has been little sustained attention given to the historical cinema relations between Australia and Asia. This is a significant omission given Australia’s geo-political position and the place Asia has held in the national imaginary, oscillating between threat ... Read more
  • Professor Justin O’Connor has been appointed as Chair of Communications and Cultural Economy in Communications and Media Studies. He begins his appointment in January 2013. Justin O’Connor is a global leader in cultural industries research. He has held professorial positions at the University of Leeds and the Queensland University of Technology, and was the Director of ... Read more
  • The Monash University Prize for Poetry was established in 1963 and is an important part of the tradition of promoting literary creativity at Monash University. Previous winners include prominent Australian poets such as John A. Scott and Laurie Duggan. Eligibility The prize is open to all current Monash University Undergraduate students and is awarded on the ... Read more