Wright, W/rote, Wrought: A Practice-led Research Process

Date/Time: Mon 28 Aug / 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Location: Monash University, Drama Theatre, Building 68, Clayton campus

Centre for Theatre and Performance

Research Seminar

Wright, W/rote, Wrought: A Practice-led Research Process

Through my PhD research project, conducted via a kind of text-based autopsy of my ageing self, I went in quest of the means to sustain a viable artistic practice in advancing age. Using queered, mixed and intuitive methods, my past practice as a playwright was variously renounced, revisited and recuperated through memoiresque gestures and via experiments with mutations of the performable essay I went on to dub as w/rites. In so doing, I took up Julian Meyrick’s call for descriptive sensitivity (2011) around the ‘nerves and mechanisms’ of the creative process (Krauth 2011).  In this seminar I will reflect on key phases and findings of this project, as expressed through its creative artefact, the triptych, ‘Ware With A Translucent Body’, and share an approach to writing-as- research whereby public acts, personal archives and private interactions surrounding the making of a new work became a site of resistance, and, indeed, a theatre of ‘abandon’ in and of themselves.

Peta Murray is a writer-performer, dramaturge, and sessional teacher at RMIT University. Her recently completed practice-led PhD project, ‘Essayesque dismemoir: w/rites of elder-flowering’ employed variations of the ‘performance essay’ to devise queered and performative nonfiction on themes of the creative life course and the embodied experience of ageing. Peta’s best-known plays are Wallflowering, Salt and The Keys to the Animal Room. Critical writing includes a chapter in Creative Manoeuvres: Writing, Making, Being, co-authored articles for New Writing and for AXON and a creative contribution, Please Supply Own Title in Text Special Issue 39 on The Essay.

Monday 28th August 2017

12:00pm – 1:00pm

Drama Theatre, Performing Arts Centre
Building 68, 55 Scenic Drive
Clayton Campus

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