Truth, trust and technology: how can journalism survive the information crisis?

Date/Time: Mon 11 Sep / 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Location: S901 Monash University

Media, Film and Journalism (MFJ)

Media Matters Seminar Series

Truth, trust and technology: how can journalism survive the information crisis?

Journalism is facing persistent pressure economically and from increasingly
authoritarian politicians. Mainstream media is struggling to assert its credibility
amid mounting scepticism from the public. Technologies that bring powerful
new tools and networks for creating and distributing journalism are also
draining resources and attention. However, the moral panic over ‘fake news’
and the power of the platform duopoly make the importance of ‘good’
journalism more, not less, apparent. What strategies should newsrooms adopt
to survive and thrive amidst the digital dangers?

Professor Charlie Beckett is the founding director of POLIS, the think-tank for
research and debate into international journalism and society in the Media and
Communications Department of LSE. POLIS runs a series of public lectures
and seminars for journalists and the public as well as a programme of
Fellowships and Research. It has a Summer School and holds conferences
and publishes reports. As well as being spokesperson for Polis and a regular
blogger, Charlie Beckett is a regular commentator on journalism and politics
for the UK and International media. He is the author of ‘SuperMedia: Saving
Journalism So It Can Save The World’ (Blackwell, 2008) and ‘WikiLeaks:
News In The Networked Era’ (Polity, 2012).

Before POLIS, Charlie Beckett was a programme editor at ITN’s Channel 4
News editing coverage on 9/11, 7/7 and the RTS award-winning series of live
News From Africa broadcasts before the G8 in 2005. Charlie Beckett was a
senior producer and programme editor at BBC News and Current affairs for
ten years making documentaries and news programmes at On The Record,
Public Eye, Panorama, Breakfast News and News 24 as well as producing the
BBC’s 1992 Election Documentary and the obituary film for Harold Wilson. He
started his career on local newspapers in his native South London before
starting in TV at LWT. He is a trustee of the European Journalism Centre and
a consultant on media issues to a variety of commercial and public service

Monday 11th September

5:00pm – 6:30pm

S901, Building S, Level 9
Caulfield Campus

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