SOSS – 2017 Criminology Horizons Public Lecture

Date/Time: Wed 19 Jul / 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Location: State Library of Victoria

Drawing on his study of the 2011 English Riots, Professor Newburn reveals what was learned about the nature of this disorder

This is a free public lecture 

Nearly six years ago England was hit by the most serious rioting for at least a generation. Drawing on his award-winning study of the 2011 English Riots conducted with the Guardian newspaper, Professor Tim Newburn reveals what was learned about the nature of this disorder and how it was understood politically and academically. Professor Newburn argues that society must move beyond its traditional preoccupation with how riots come to happen and think more about riots ‘in the round’. Focusing on what he refers to as the ‘life cycle’ of riots, and using examples from different countries including Australia, he argues that questions about how riots unfold and what follows in their wake should be of particular concern to not only social scientists, but also policy makers, practitioners and members of the public.

Professor Tim Newburn is one of the UK’s leading criminologists. Prior to joining the London School of Economics, he was Director of the Public Policy Research Unit at Goldsmiths College, having previously worked at the Policy Studies Institute, the National Institute for Social Work, the Home Office, and Leicester University. He is the author or editor of over 30 books, including the Handbook of Policing (Willan, 2008); Policy Transfer and Criminal Justice (with Jones, Open University Press, 2007); and the UK’s leading criminology textbook, Criminology (Routledge, 2017). He was President of the British Society of Criminology (2005-08) and Director of the Mannheim Centre for Criminology (2003-08) and was elected to the Academy of Learned Societies in the Social Sciences in 2005.

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