SOPHIS – Attention, Consciousness & Self

Date/Time: Fri 08 Jul - Sat 09 Jul / 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Location: Building H, Caulfield Campus

Attention, Consciousness & Self

ABSTRACT – Attention plays a central role in our conscious mental lives, but its exact contribution to perception, action, and self-consciousness remains poorly understood. This workshop aims to initiate a dialogue between cognitive neuroscientists and philosophers of mind working in Eastern and Western traditions.


*Jeroen van Boxtel (Monash):* Separating attention from consciousness through aftereffect manipulations

*Olivia Carter (Melbourne):* Pharmacology and consciousness – what do we know?

*Monima Chadha (Monash) & Jennifer Windt (Monash):* Attending to tasks

*Jonardon Ganeri (NYU):* Attention and knowledge

*Philip Gerrans (Adelaide):* Covert and overt attention in emotional experience. What and how do we feel?

*Jakob Hohwy (Monash):* Attention as statistical inference

*Dan Hutto (Wollongong):* Skilled performance, attentional anchors and the question of awareness

*Richard Menary (Macquarie):* The predictive self

*Naotsugu Tsuchiya (Monash):* What is it like to be a bat? A pathway to the answer from the Integrated Information Theory

Enquiries contact Monima Chadha and Jennifer Windt

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